Shape the future

Platum is nestled in the beating heart of the Italian Motor Valley, a traditional emblem of the automotive and motorcycle culture with a proud and fertile history.

As a modern R&D, engineering and distribution hub with a know-how in the field of electric mobility, Platum has already naturally forged a number of business connections with some of the major brands on the territory. The innovative and avant-garde spirit that distinguishes Platum has in fact enabled it to become a reference point for other companies that are interested in expanding their business and consumer offer by investing in the fast-growing micro e-mobility world.


Attitude on the move

Argento e-Mobility™ is attitude on the move. The brand’s e-bikes and e-scooters are designed to stand out and embody the rider's bold character, leaving a long-lasting impression thanks to their strong personality and distinctive soul. They encourage a more active lifestyle and a new smart, cleaner and healthier way of living the city.


By Pininfarina

The Argento e-mobility™ lineup also includes a series of products developed with Pininfarina, a brand notoriously synonymous with Italian excellence, top quality design and innovation. The creative liaison has led to the production of new e-scooters models with unique, instantly recognizable and cutting-edge designs.


My lifestyle

Platum has created the Urban Prime™ helmets and accessories line to guarantee clients a universal and wide-ranging selection of items suited for the e-mobility world. All products ensure safety, without compromising style, practicality and comfort.

Platum for...

A number of distinguished automotive and motorcycle brands have already turned to Platum to pursue an eco-oriented business vision with the desire to expand in the e-mobility sector.