Our Manifesto

A dream and a decision to take a stand, to go beyond what is known, innovating, designing, creating, making a difference for tomorrow, changing the game and our world.

A big aim, our unique way, to shape the future of urban e-mobility starting today.

Born in January 2022


Shaping Urban E-Mobility

Platum is a leading company in the R&D, engineering and distribution business with a focus on e-mobility and Game accessories.

Platum also includes two owned affiliation solutions that express its eco-conscious, research-oriented and innovative mindset. Its aim is to get in touch with entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Shape the future of urban electric mobility by promoting innovative solutions for a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

Our Mission

As a leading platform in the sectors of R&D, engineering and distribution, Platum aims to bring the larger public e-mobility solutions that meet people’s everyday needs by offering the most innovative e-mobility products.

The values Platum stands for, and that fuel its visionary approach and innovative mindset every day.


Combining heritage with modern taste

The company’s distinguishing Italian DNA comes to life in every concept. From the initial idea to the final design, the exquisite quality of Italianness is expressed through a trademark touch that fuses unmistakable taste, outstanding style and pure passion.


Researching and developing innovative solutions

The driving force behind every idea at Platum is born through an essential process of research and deve-lopment. Focusing on safety, reliability and quality first, the company then generates final products that combine excellent properties with technological innovation.


Creating meaningful experiences for our people

For Platum seeking to deliver complete client satisfaction is a big driver: a rich product offer and memo-rable user experiences make a real difference.


Elevating an eco-conscious approach today for tomorrow

The green soul that powers Platum is reflected through its quest to conceive and develop products that are authentically eco-sustainable, elevating the standards of its vision of sustainability every day.